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The new standard for seamless communications at sea

When it comes to human communication either on land, air or sea, there should be no compromise on quality. In the challenging world of communications at sea, Soldecom brought to life a technological breakthrough: UCP (Unified Communications Platform).

With UCP, all the communication needs of the modern shipping company are combined under a modular and easy to use system at a fraction of the cost.

FBB or VSAT satellite communication systems bring a large range of innovative solutions for telephone, messaging and internet/web usage. The vessel operator selects how bandwidth costs will be allocated while daily operations are enhanced. The crew enjoys a number of options to keep in touch with their family and friends having high morale and reduced employee cost turnover. And of course, crew and vessel communications are separate as they should.

UCP Advantages
You benefit from the simplicity of a unified service providing cost-effective voice, messaging and web usage over multiple satellite services including:

  • VPN secure access
  • Firewall
  • Compression
  • Email
  • Chat/messaging
  • VoIP services
  • Crew Calls and Web access

UCP consists of 4 independed modules that can be delivered as SaaS or appliances.


Unified Communications Marine Router (UCMR)

Best Internet Concept of global business from concepts seriesThrough Soldecom’s special marine router, the vessel operator can select how bandwidth and the costs associated with it will be allocated and at the same time allow crew members to access email, the Internet and make phone calls, all in a cost-effective and measurable way.

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Unified Communications VoIP (UCVoIP)

best concept of global business from concepts seriesIn order to unlock the potential of seamless voice communications on board, Soldecom has developed a breakthrough VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Technology.
VoIP is the future of voice communications but satellite broadband networks face a number of issues like, increased bandwidth costs, high-latency, and jitter that make off-the-shelf VoIP products not suitable for marine use.

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Unified Communications Messenger (UCMessenger)

best concept of global businessA shipping company ́s ability to ensure timely information flow across its network is a must, saving both time and money. Therefore, Soldecom represents Unified Communications Messenger (UCMessenger): a unified communications application, making your vessel the global broadband floating office.

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Unified Communications Crew and Surf

Best Internet Concept of global business from concepts seriesWith Soldecom’s Crew Call & Surf solution you benefit from the simplicity of a single prepaid service providing cost-effective voice, and web usage over multiple satellite services. Whether on FBB or VSAT our pre-paid card solution for telephone and internet allows the vessel operator to select how bandwidth costs will be allocated and at the same time provide the crew with options to keep in contact with family and friends improving morale and reducing costly employee turnover.

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