ShipTech Connect

We are glad to announce that Soldecom was invited to participate at the ShipTech Connect, the first technology-focused shipping event in Greece, connecting global shipping companies, investors, and cutting-edge technology companies.
The event is organized by Mr. George Cambanis and sponsored by Deloitte.
Soldecom will be presenting “Sentinel”: A Platform to aggregate, provision, and process high fidelity ship sensor data.

Mr. Cambanis said about the event :
” I founded ShipTech Connect to bring together the shipping and start-up ecosystems. It’s my intention to run these events in all the important shipping capitals of the world. I believe such events are important for Greece the Greek start-up community needs the shipping community and needs Venture Capital funding. Companies like Soldecom have lead the way setting the example for others to involve themselves with maritime technology. The space wide open for Greek innovators. 20% of the global fleet means 20% of the global shipping data that Greek shipping can harness. Events like ShipTech Connect are vitally important to Greece and the Greek shipping community. We have invited start-ups from the US, Israel, and Greece and we have attendees from all three countries. We have about 15 incredibly strong start-ups. Our attendees include the shipping community, some VCs, family offices and an Accelerator. We will have a panel that will take questions from the audience and end with a networking lunch that will allow for further discussions between attendees and the founders.”