Soldecom’s New Products at Posidonia 2018

It’s that time again. The time for Posidonia. If not the biggest, one of the most significant events for global shipping. Posidonia 2018 is set to feature over 1,850 companies from a wide range of maritime industry sectors and is expected to attract over 22,000 shipping executives and government delegation members.
Soldecom will be present at Posidonia 2018 (Hall 1, Booth 1.530) to showcase some of our new features in our CrewWellfare and UCP products.
First is our brand new MediaPackage. An extension to the CrewWellfare suite that provides two additional modules.
VesselRadio: A low bandwidth radio streaming solution.
Now your crew can access over 30.000 web streaming stations and at the same time save on the bandwidth requirements of a streaming service.
It takes as low as 13kbits/sec (yes that is kilobits NOT Kilobytes) per radio stream and once the stream reaches the vessel there is no additional satellite bandwidth requirements regardless of how many crew members listen to the stream. For comparison, an average streaming radio station is between 64kbits to 128kbits depending on the quality, and you have to multiply this by the number of persons listening to a station at the same time.

VesselNews: An advanced RSS feed aggregator, tailored to the needs of the shipping industry.
VesselNews bundles compress and uploads the articles to the vessel so they can be read by the crew using a web browser, without using any of their allocated bandwidth. It also has a feature no other RSS aggregator in the market has: Voice News Bulletins from selected news services.
It works by acquiring the sound of news bulletins services, compressing it and making it available as a SOUND file which can be played by any browser on a desktop or mobile device.
The news bulletins can be from radio and TV stations giving the crew daily updates on what’s happening back home.

CrewWellfare now supports BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) giving added flexibility for the crew to connect using their own devices from any place on the vessel.
And there are more. Our UCP and CrewWellfare platforms, including VesselRadio and VesselNews, can now be provided and installed as Virtual Machines (VM’s), and not requiring dedicated appliance hardware to work. Having Virtual Machines not only reduces the cost but simplifies the installation on the vessel, as only software configuration is needed and that can be done remotely by the IT department. The hardware appliance will still be available for the near future, but as more and more vessels get virtualized environments, we believe this is the way to go.
Drop by our stand at Hall 1, Booth 1.530 to see all these new products and discuss how Soldecom’s UCP can help you save up to 50% on your shore-to-ship communication costs.