UC Messenger.

Soldecom / UC Messenger
Connectivity is keeping YOU in touch.
A shipping company ́s ability to ensure timely information flow across its network is a must, saving both time and money.
Therefore, Soldecom represents Unified Communications Messenger (UCMessenger): a unified communications application, making your vessel the global broadband floating office.
The benefits are numerous:
  • Operational ones: Improving productivity and efficiency connecting the crew with the vessel operator and enhancing communications from shore to ship.
  • Personal: Your crew and officers communicate easily and at low cost with their loved ones.
UCMessenger streamlines communications by unifying presence, instant messaging and conferencing. It offers flexible deployment models, is built on open standards, and integrates with commonly used desktop applications.
You can communicate and collaborate effectively from anywhere you have an internet connection and on any device desktop or mobile.
If you have any question, please contact us.

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