Vessel Tracking.

Soldecom / Vessel Tracking

Soldecom’s vessel tracking solution does not require any external gps connection to operate.

By utilizing the onboard FleetBroadBand modem it can report the vessel’s position on user defined time intervals.

It utilizes Soldecom’s UC Messaging platform to reliably and securely transmit the location information which is then made available in a web based application.

Key features include

  • Real time position and tracking with user define time intervals
  • Speed and course info
  • Historical data
  • Ability to track hundreds of vessels or assets on one web-based monitoring system
  • API for integration with company’s and 3rd party applications
  • Geo fence alarm
  • User custom events

Unique to Soldecom’s offering is the availability of an API both onbard and on-shore which allows for the easy integration of the position information to other applications like the Noon Report.

Best of all the vessel tracking service is provided for free to vessel owners.



If you have any question, please contact us.

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